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Mineral Processing

This sector includes activities classified into three major groups namely, base metals, heavy engineering and light engineering. For the purposes of this study, the manufacturing of metal products was considered an integral part of light engineering industry.

The base metals sector consists mainly related to different metallic minerals such as hematite mining and extraction activities, magnetite, bauxite, etc.. And their enrichment in primary metal products such as granules, rods, billets, beams, etc..

On the other hand, the light engineering sector covers mainly the use of different manufacturing techniques on the products of base metals sector. The light engineering sector includes activities such as casting, forging, welding, etc.. required to produce primary products such as bearings, fasteners, pipe / tube, hand tools, etc..

Then the heavy engineering sector for the use of complex technologies for the manufacture of products such as turbines, transformers, motors, electrical and non-electrical machinery needed to support other areas of engineering activity.

Activities related to the sub-sector of metals and engineering are classified as following:

  • Extraction of Metals and Minerals Processing in Ferrous Metal Products and Non-Ferrous
  • Casting, Forgery, Behavior, Fasteners, Pipes / Tubes, etc..
  • Used Hand Tools Household
  • Structural Metal Product, etc..
  • Industry-Electrical Turbines, transformers, switchgear communication, etc..
  • Non-electric Machines Cement, Oil & Gas, Packaging, etc..

Construction of a mineral port in Pointe-Noire

A consortium of Chinese company, China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) was chosen by the government for the construction of a mineral port at Pointe-Noire. Terms of its port facilities was presented to authorities in January 2014, built on a 9 km2 and with 31 berths complex. There is a power plant, storage areas, a potash processing plant, a smelter, refinery (the 2nd in the country), a shopping center, etc.. scheme used for the exploitation of mineral products is the output from a single place, the new mineral port, be used by almost all operators. The technical details of this project has a capacity to receive ships up to 300,000 tons, with a total traffic capacity of 46 million tonnes. 40 million tons of iron, 3,000,000 of the 3,000,000 in potash and multifunction office. Of course, the new port will be connected to the plot of the COR and the national road network.

The field of metallurgy and mechanics is characterized by a set of diversified with a significant presence in many parts of the world activity. This sector is seen as a key driver of the economy both because of its many applications in cross all economic sectors as its great potential in terms of job creation.

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