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Quick Facts


Official Country Name Republic of Congo
National motto Unity, Work, Progress
National anthem The Congolese
Flag Green, Yellow, Red
Independence August 15, 1960
Political capital Brazzaville
Economic capital Pointe-Noire
Government system Républic
Head of state Denis SASSOU NGUESSO
Neighboring countries Gabon, Cameroon, D.R.C, C.A.R, Cabinda (Angola)
Area 341 821 km2
Population (2009) 4,012,809
Density 11.7 inhabitants / km2
Population growth 2.75%
Human Development Index 0.619 (130th)
Urban population 61%
Life expectancy 54 years
Literacy 85%
Main ethnic groups Kongos, Tékés, Mbochis,, Sanghas
Official language French
National languages Lingala, Kikongo
Religions Christianity, Animism, Islam
Climate Tropical, wet and dry season
GNP (2012) $ 15 billion (7,500 billions FCFA)
GNP / capita $ 4,000 (2 millions FCFA)
Inflation (2012) 4.8%
Currency CFA (XAF). 1 Euro = 655,957 XAF
Imports (2010) $ 6.3734 billions (3,186.7 billions FCFA)
Main partners France, China, South Korea, Italy
Exports (2010) $ 11.689 billions (5,844.5 billions FCFA)
Key Partners USA, China, France, India, United Arab Emirates, Spain


  • 55% of the country is under forest cover with the third largest rainforest in the world;
  • Main exports: oil, timber, minerals, copper and precious stones;
  • Two thirds of its population is less than 30 years old, with a strong potential for local labor.
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